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Our Investigators

Our Founder

C. R. “Bob” Brown,CMI, CFI.

Author/ Master Investigator

In 1966 Bob, founded Brown & Associates, Inc. It grew to become the oldest, most established private investigative agency with offices in Central Florida and the Florida Keys.

Over the years, Bob’s reputation as a professional and compassionate PI grew, winning him many accolades, honors and awards. He was listed as one of the top investigators in the nation today (P.I. Magazine), which is backed by the numerous awards and recognition he has received, including the National Association of Investigative Specialists’Distinguished Service Award“–considered the “Emmy” of the private investigative industry. Bob also received a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Private Investigators Association of Florida and the Florida Association of licensed investigators,

He has written numerous books and articles for the investigative industry one of his last book’s ”Investigations -Doing It My Way” is a useful instruction book for anyone considering owning and/or operating a PI agency.

Bob started his investigative career as a law enforcement officer in Orange and Manatee County Florida. He helped to establish a CSI lab for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.


Director / Investigator

Tina Brown

Captain Tina Brown ran our Florida Keys Branch Agency of Brown & Associates, this office was started in 1989.With over 22 years as a investigator specializing in Marine and Environmental type cases. She has also handled many domestic, insurance fraud and criminal cases.

Capt. Brown has a 100 ton master USCG license. She has served on the Marine Port advisory panel, the South Atlantic fishery Management Council, and President. of “Save A Turtle Foundation”.

She has appeared on numerous television shows featuring turtles such as Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. She has had many newspaper and magazine articles written about her including stories in National Geographic magazine.

Most recently she was assigned as an expert Marine life Observer/investigator working in the Gulf of Mexico dealing with the oil spill.

Tina is our director of operations here at Brown & Associates, Inc.


Lead Investigator

Mirco Jovanovic

Mr. Jovanovic is originally from Germany. While there, he was in the Federal Armed Forces as a radio intelligence and communications sergeant. After he had being honorably discharged, he worked as a security supervisor, overseeing armed trucks operations’, security services and investigations.

In 2000, he started his own investigative and security company and specialized in skip tracing, illicit work and criminal investigations.

After moving to the United States in 2002, Mr. Jovanovic started his investigative career in New York conducting investigations in the insurance field, which included claims, wrongful death, personal injury, and fraud.

In 2004, he relocated to Orlando, Florida and continued his investigative career specializing in civil, criminal and insurance related investigations.

Mr. Jovanovic is a very dedicated and goal-oriented investigator and heads up our investigative division as lead investigator.


Legal Investigator

Stephen A Craig

Steve has served the legal community since 1996. As a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, Steve is often recognized as a regional expert in legal investigations supporting criminal defense and trial preparation.

Since leaving Federal Service and entering private practice as a licensed investigator in Florida, Steve has successfully transformed his federal investigative experience to the civilian and corporate sector

He has adeptly applied the techniques used in government incident investigations to both civil and criminal investigations. He has become increasingly knowledgeable of product liability investigations with emphasis on accident reconstruction, database research and difficult witness interviews. Additionally, Steve has taken a personal interest in all facets of criminal defense, from DUI investigations to capital crimes.

Steve began his investigative career in the United States Army in 1986. His military experience includes assignment as Foreign Counterintelligence Special Agent, United States Army Intelligence, performing both as an agent and analyst. His citations and awards include numerous joint-service and United States Army decorations including the Joint-Service Commendation Medal. Steve currently serves as a Reserve Officer in the U.S. Army Reserves.

He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy and Legal Studies. He also attended the University of Maryland with general studies in English and History. In addition, Steve has received extensive training sponsored by various government agencies to include the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the United States Departments of Defense, Justice and State.

His commitment to professional ethics and quality service make him an invaluable asset in our firm.


Hispanic Investigator

Alina Sacerio-Polak

Alina is originally from Cuba and is fluent in Spanish. She came to the United States and began her investigative career in the New York City Police Department in 1981 and was promoted to detective in 1984.

Alina eventually broaden her jurisdiction by joining the Bureau of Alcohol.Tobacco and Firearms in 1985. She was federally certified for Spanish translation needed during investigations and undercover work. She also became certified in the identification of firearms. She has been admitted as a Firearms Interstate Nexus expert in Federal Court.

Alina was presented with the United States Attorney General Director’s Award in 2001 for outstanding investigative work.

She was also a Certified Explosives Officer, trained in the collection and identification of explosives and improvised explosive devices.

Alina retired in 2008 and became a Florida Private Licensed Investigator and we are proud to have her head up our Spanish division